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    ReviewMyArticles.com is a document summarizing system developed on Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. It extracts critical sections from the articles you upload and creates a concise summary by classifying them into four categories: Context, Definitions, Key Insights, and Key Findings.

    Satisfied Customers

    Claire Bartels RMIT University

    By far the best article summarising system that I have used. Just drag and drop the articles you want and then it will summarize it for you.

    Jasper Gaba University of Waterloo

    I never thought that document summarising systems are this effective until I found reviewmyarticles.com. What a fantastic product...!

    Jingnan Gu Durham University

    This product really saves time. It helps to identify good articles without reading everything. summaries are fabulous.

    Alexander Cormack Swinburn University

    I am juggling with a full time workload and a study load. This is a life saver, you get the summary and pickup what you want for your assignment.

    Dinesh Lahori University of Melbourne

    I like the way this website summarises the documents. Those four categories: Context, Definitions, Key insights and Key findings are useful.

    Claudia Sanchez Duke University

    This really helps me to get my reading load reduced. I upload all the articles that I am not sure are good or bad. Then look at the summary and pick what I want.

    Jinjing Li University of Leeds

    Easy to use product and very affordable too. No lock in contracts.

    Adrian Lau University of Michigan

    Couldn't find a better way to spent five dollars. It reduces my reading load more than 50%.

    Linh Nguyen York University

    I don't know how I could have used twenty articles in the last assessment if this website wasn't there.

    Adnan Farooq Lincoln University

    This site is so easy to use. Totally worth five dollars. They offer a free trial to try it.

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